This page is completely dedicated to bugs we happen upon in the game, giving us a place to dump them until we figure out where to go with these.

I at least am not up to trudging through the discussions on Klei's website just yet to see if they've already been documented.

Just add to the table, and if your problem is already there, feel justified!

Item/Thing What's wrong? Solutions?
Harvesting When a Duplicant is harvesting something, when the 'Harvesting' note is hovered over under their info menu, it says they are 'Harvesting {Target}'. {Target} does not translate correctly, and doesn't specify what plant they may be harvesting.
'Move To' Function When pressing the button to move a Duplicant to a certain place, if you change your mind and try to right-click out of the function, the cursor that shows what area you may have intended to place them remains stuck onscreen independent of the normal cursor. It does not disapper until the function is used to completion.
Water Filter Water, when running through the water filter, will heat from about 7.6o C to exactly 40.0o C. Because of the location of my water tank, it overheats Duplicants and has made my Mealwood farm useless, stifling all the nearby plants.

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