Duplicants come with positive or negative traits that affect their vitals, attributes and job performance. Traits do not change over time. Traits will not overwrite the maximum an attribute can reach, which is a value of 25.

Positive Traits Edit

Name Description Attribute Effect Prohibited Jobs
Twinkletoes "This Duplicant is light as a feather on their feet" +7 Athletics
Buff "This Duplicant has muscles on their muscles" +5 Strength
Mole Hands "They're great for tunneling, but finding gloves is a nightmare" +5 Digging
Grease Monkey "This Duplicant likes to throw a wrench into the colony's a good way" +5 Tinkering
Quick Learner "This Duplcant's sharp as a tack and learns new skills with amazing speed" +5 Learning
Interior Decorator "'Move it a little to the left...'" +5 Creativity
Caregiver "This Duplicant has good bedside manner and a healing touch" +5 Medicine
Early Bird "This Duplicant wakes up feeling fresh and efficient!" +2 All Attributes
Night Owl "This Duplicant does their best work when they ought to be sleeping" +3 All Attributes
Uncultured "This Duplicant has simply no appreciation for the arts" Art

Negative Traits Edit

Name Description Skill Effect Prevented Jobs Miscellaneous Effects
Anemic "This Duplicant has trouble keeping up with others" -5 Athletics
Noodle Arms "This Duplicate's arms have all the tensile strength of an overcooked linguine" -3 Strength
Slow Learner "This Duplicant's a little slow on the uptake, but gosh do they try" -3 Learning
Yokel "This Duplicant isn't the brightest star in the solar system" Research
Pacifist "This Duplicant abhors violence" Combat
Gastrophobia "This Duplicant has a deep-seated distrust of the culinary arts" Cook
Squeamish "This Duplicant is of delicate disposition and cannot tend to the sick" Aid
Irritable Bowel "This Duplicant needs a little extra time to 'do their business'" -50% Toilet Speed
Small Bladder "This Duplicant has a tiny, pea-sized bladder. Adorable!" Doubled bladder fill speed
Biohazard "All the vitamin C in space can't stop this Duplicant from getting sick" 25% more likely to get infected
Bottomless Stomach "This Duplicant might actually be several black holes in a trench coat" +500 kcal needed per day
Mouth Breather "This Duplicant sucks up way more than their fair share of Oxygen" +100 g/s Oxygen Consumed
Narcoleptic "This Duplicant can and will fall asleep anytime, anyplace" Falls asleep every 300-600s, for 15-30s (average of 30s per cycle)
Loud Sleeper "In space, everyone can hear you snore" Wakes up duplicants within 3 tiles when sleeping, causing interrupted sleep.
Flatulence "Some Duplicants are just full of it" Emits 5 g of Natural Gas every 10-40s (average 0.2 g/s)