Duplicants, or 'Dupes,' are the inhabitants of your base. Each one has different attributes as well as skills that can be leveled up as they do certain tasks.

Attributes Edit

Duplicants are able to perform a wide range of tasks, and their natural abilities affect how well and how efficiently they do certain things. When created, each Duplicant's skill levels are listed. The higher the number, the better Duplicants will be at jobs requiring those skills. The jobs and their respective needed skills are as follows:

Attributes In-Game Description Statistics for every +1.00 Jobs Affected
Athletics The Athletics attribute determines a Duplicant's movement speed. +10.0% Movement Speed Deliver, Power, Sweep
Construction The Construction attribute determines a Duplicant's building speed. +25.0% Construction Speed Build
Cooking The Cooking attribute determines a Duplicant's food production speed. +10.0% Food Production Speed Cook
Creativity Creativity affects the speed and quality of a Duplicant's artistic creations. +10.0% Decorating Speed Art
Digging The Digging attribute determines a Duplicant's mining speed. +25.0% Digging Speed Dig
Learning The Learning attribute determines a Duplicant's skill training and Research effectiveness. +3.0 Research Points per Day+10.0% Skill Leveling Research, all other jobs due to leveling speed (negligible)
Medicine The Medicine attribute determines a Duplicant's Disease Resistance and ability to heal after injury. +10.0% Disease Resistance None
Strength The Strength attribute determines a Duplicant's carrying capacity and combat effectiveness. +15.0% Carrying Weight Combat, Deliver, Sweep
Tinkering The Tinkering attribute determines a Duplicant's efficiency when operating machines. +10.0% Tinkering Speed Repair

Individual Traits Edit

Duplicants come not only with different skill sets, but also come with specific traits that affect their abilities to perform tasks, as well as how much food or oxygen they do (or don't) consume, among other things.

Trait Effects Specific Statistics Game Description
Amphibious While water may normally slow other Duplicants down, this Dupliant easily glides through the water, not matter how polluted and gross it may be. No Specifics; underwater speed changes with Athletic ability "This Duplicant moves as quickly in water as they do on land."
Anemic Don't expect them to get where they're going anytime soon. Athletics: -5.00 "This Duplicant is the exact opposite of athletic."
Biohazard This Duplicant is much more likely to get sick from the things they eat or the environments they are subject to. No Specifics "All the Vitamin C in space can't keep this Duplicant from getting sick."
Bottomless Stomach This Duplicant will not cease to eat, requiring a lot more food than other Duplicants. Especially early on in your game, before a food source is stabilized, they just might eat everyone to death- literally, if you're not careful. Calories Burn Rate: -500 kcal/cycle "This Duplicant might actually be several black holes in a trenchcoat."
Can't Dig It Apparently the (arguably) most important attachment on their multi-tool refuses to cooperate with them. ...Like, ever. Cannot perform job: Dig "This Duplicant can't operate a dig tool for the life of them."
Destructive One of the two stress responses Duplicants have. When a Duplicant becomes excessively stressed, they will take out their frustrations on a nearby piece of equipment, breaking it and causing a repair to become necessary. No Specifics "This Duplicant will take out it's frustrations on defenseless machines when stressed."
Dimensionally Inept This Duplicant finds it impossible to understand how to construct an object from nothing. To them, it just seems absurd. Cannot perform job: Build "This Duplicant is incapable of visualizing an object in 3D space."
Diver's Lungs This Duplicant consumes oxygen at a lower rate. Air Consumption Rate: -25.0 g/s "This Duplicant may have been a talented opera singer in another life."
Duplicant The most basic of traits, this trait outlines the baseline needs of your Duplicants, from how much they eat and breathe to how often they need to use the bathroom. Stamina Change: -100 %/cycle

Calories Burn rate: -1,000 kcal/cycle

Toxicity Change: 0.00%/cycle

Air Consumption Rate: +100.0 g/s

Bladder Change: +100 %/cycle

Underwater Movement: +8.00

Decor Expectation: -25.00

Bladder Efficiency: +1.00

Early Bird This Duplicant works best right after waking up, when all skills for them are set at a slightly higher level. Any task they perform early in the cycle will be done more efficiently than later in the day. Adds +2 to all skills at morning, removes them at night "This Duplicant wakes up feeling fresh and efficient!"
Flatulence This Duplicant will occasionally fart, causing Duplicants in it's immediate vicinity to react negatively to the small, stopping what they are doing for a moment. If Duplicants are sleeping very closeby when they fart, they will wake up at the smell, but will not receive the 'Interrupted Sleep' effect. Their farts add a negligible amount of Polluted Oxygen to the air (very small amounts; 35.0 g over the course of one cycle, for example). No Specifics "Some Duplicants are just full of it."
Gastrophobia This Duplicant has a fear of the culinary arts, making them incapable of cooking. Cannot perform job: Cook "This Duplicant has an unshakable fear of kitchens and the culinary arts."
Grease Monkey This Duplicant is great at repairing broken machinery and operating the machines and stations that do work. Tinkering: +5.00 "This Duplicant likes to throw a wrench into the colony's plans... in a good way."
Interior Decorator While everyone else is worrying about algae and fertilizer, this Duplicant will be busy scuplting the same statue and painting the same picture. Creativity: +5.00

Decor Expectation: +5.00

"Just a little more to the left..."
Iron Gut This Duplicant can eat a lot of Mush Bars without getting sick. Handy if Mush Bars are your only available food at some time. No Specifics "This Duplicant can eat just about anything without getting sick!"
Irritable Bowel This Duplicant takes forever to go to the bathroom. ...that's really it. Bladder Efficiency: -0.50 "This Duplicant takes a little longer to 'do their business.'"
Loud Sleeper This Duplicant is a nightmare when it comes to sleeping arrangements. This Duplicant, while sleeping, snores loudly, waking up any Duplicants sleeping too close (about three tiles away, at most) and giving them the 'Interrupted Sleep' negative effect. They need to be kept away from other Duplicants at night so as not to stress them by waking them up. No Specifics "In space, everyone can hear you snore."
Mole Hands This Duplicant is able to excavate firmer minerals and resources at a faster rate than others. Digging: +5.00 "These hands are great for tunneling, but finding gloves is a nightmare."
Mouth Breather This Duplicant will eat up all of the oxygen in the air until everyone suffocates.

...maybe not literally... at least for a while... but you get the picture.

Air Consumption Rate: +100.0 g/s "This Duplicant sucks up way more than their fair share of oxygen."
Narcoleptic This Duplicant can, and will, occasionally fall asleep anywhere during the day, taking a 'Narcoleptic Nap.' They even will fall asleep in the middle of jobs, their naps lasting for a small fraction of the day. Even a Red Alert will not wake them from their sleep. No Specifics (Unpredictable, really) "This Duplicant can and will fall asleep anytime, anyplace."
Naturally Robust This Duplicant is less likely to get sick from standing in toxic areas. No Specifics "This Duplicant's hardy immune system repels most common illnesses."
New Hope Ah, the blind optimism of an artificially-created being only a few minutes old. Someone needs to give them the mortality speech eventually... Stress Change: -20.0 %/cycle "This Duplicant feels pretty optimistic about their new home."
Quick Learner This kind of Duplicant is the kind you want to set in front of a Research station; things will get done efficiently with them leading the way into necessary technological development. Learning: +5.00 "This Duplicant's sharp as a tack and picks up new skills with amazing speed."
Scaredy-Cat Pacifist, or afraid of bodily harm? Who knows? Better yet, who cares! They're the smart ones. (Stay away from Morbs, kids.) Cannot perform job: Combat "This Duplicant is afraid of violence."
Slow Learner This Duplicant isn't too smart... setting them in front of a Research Station isn't exactly the best idea. Learning: -3.00 "This Duplicant is a little slow on the uptake, but gosh do they try."
Small Bladder Duplicants require Bio Breaks twice as frequently. Bladder Change: +100%/Cycle "This Duplicant has a tiny, pea-sized bladder. Adorable!"
Twinkletoes This Duplicant has a greatly increased movement speed, and is very efficient at delivering and sweeping resources, as well as operating manual generators. Athletics: +7.00 "This Duplicant is light as a feather on their feet."
Uncultured This Duplicant can't properly appreciate the obscene number of Masterpieces you're bound (and pretty much required) to have hanging in your base by cycle 75. Decor Expectation: -20.00

Refuses to do job: Art

"This Duplicant has no appreciation for the finer things."
Vomiter The second of the two stress responses Duplicants have. When excessively stressed, Duplicants will occasionally vomit onto the floor, causing the surrounding area to be covered in Polluted Water. It commonly causes stress to spread, as other Duplicants will acquire the 'Stepped in Polluted Water' negative effect if not cleaned up quickly. No Specifics "This Duplicant is liable to puke everywhere when stressed."
Yokel This Duplicant isn't meant for the realm of science or technological development... for the safety of themselves and the colony, please don't let them near the Bunsen Burners. Cannot perform job: Research "This Duplicant isn't the brightest star in the sky."

Status Effects Edit

Under different circumstances, small status effects show up in a Duplicant's general overview, showing how they're doing in general and how they feel about their environment. A majority of status notes, however, simply tell the player what the Duplicant is doing at any specific moment. Some, such as those, are general notes, while others denote an increase or decrease in stress.

Status Effect Description Specific Effects In-Game Description
Chilly Surroundings This Duplicant is cold for whatever reason. A sweater would be appreciated. Environmental Change: -___ W

Stress Change: +15.0 %/cycle

"Duplicants cannot reatin enough heat in this environment to regulate their internal temperature."
Decadent Meal You actually fed you Duplicant something mildly tasty. *Slow clap, stares in awe* Stress Change: -20.0%/cycle "This Duplicant's last meal exceeded their expectations."
Dirty Hands All that digging and a lack of proper plumbing kinda does that to you. None "This Duplicant needs to wash their hands."
Drab Decor They're busy trying to survive, but not too busy that they can't complain that the base isn't pretty enough. Stress Change: +10.0 %/cycle "This Duplicant finds the lack of Decor in this area depressing."
Full Bladder They need to use the bathroom. Stress Change: +30.0 %/cycle "This Duplicant would really appreciate a toilet."
Grimy It's a wonder they don't smell like a field full of flowers after trudging around on a mission to collect slime. None "This Duplicant could use a shower."
Holding Breath It's probably carbon dioxide. Nine time out of ten it's that. ...or them accidentally building their heads inside a floor tile. "This Duplicant cannot breathe in their current location."
Interrupted Sleep Someone nearby was probably snoring. Or this Duplicant forgot to use the bathroom before going to bed. Stress Change: +10.0 %/cycle

Athletics: -2.00

"This Duplicant was rudely awoken while they slept."
Jazzed to Start the Day "This Duplicant gets a burst of energy in the morning from their Early Bird trait."
Light Wounds "This Duplicant sustained injuries that are a bit uncomfortable."
Red Alert! Stress Change: +50.0 %/cycle "The Red Alert is stressing this Duplicant out."
Smelled a Putrid Odor Either someone farted, or someone caught Trench Stench. Ew. Stress Change: +12.0 %/cycle "This Duplicant got a whiff of something unspeakably foul."
Sore Back I know living conditions in a giant asteroid are guaranteed to be crappy, but a cot or two would be nice. Athletics: -1.00 "This Duplicant slept on the floor last night and wants a bed."
Suffocating You probably forgot to build a ladder out of some pit you had a Duplicant dig. None "This Duplicant cannot breathe!"
Stressed Caused by stress levels for this Duplicant exceeding 60%. None "This Duplicant is feeling the pressure."
Tired They deserve sleep after slaving away all day in an effort to not die. And they'll die if you don't let them sleep, so... "This Duplicant could use a nice nap."
Status Note (Action) Description Specific Effects In-Game Description
Building ______ The Duplicant is building something. None "This Duplicant is constructing a _______."
Decorating If you have a Duplicant skilled enough to decorate the base, it's likely that's what they do with most of their time. Decor increases by some amount when they finish "This Duplicant is expressing themselves artistically."
Delivering None "Delivering."
Digging This Duplicant is mining something. None "This Duplicant is excavating raw resources."
Digging up _____ None "This Duplicant is turning a _____ into a seed."
Dropping Unused Inventory None "Dropping unused inventory."
Eating _____ Increases fullness depending on how much they eat "This Duplicant is replenishing their calorie stores."
Going to Eat None "Going to eat."
Harvesting {Target} None "This Duplicant is gathering resources from a {Target}."
High Priority Emote This Duplicant, if sick, will show their reaction to the illness, swaying and looking very sickly. None "High Priority Emote."
Mopping Either they were sent to get algae or slime, or a Vomiter is very stressed out. None "This Duplicant is cleaning up a nasty spill."
Picking up _____ None "This Duplicant is retrieving _____."
Researching _____ None "This Duplicant is intently researching _____ technology."
Sleeping This Duplicant is sleeping. Stamina Change: +1,500 %/cycle

Stress Change: -20.0 %/cycle

"This Duplicant is recovering stamina."
Using _____ "_____ is currently in use."

There are, as well, diseases that your Duplicants can contract.

Disease Description Contracted Duration Remedies In-Game Description
Diarrhea They ate something awful and very sketchy, and we all know what that's done to their bodies.
Hypothermia The body temperature of this Duplicant has fallen very low, and they need to warm up so they can stop shivering so violently.
Trench Stench A diease that causes a Duplicant to smell awful, even waking themselves at night with their horrid stench. Contracted by standing in a toxic area. 1.5 cycles None "The pungent odor wafting off this Duplicant is nauseating to their peers."

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