The Hatch is a nocturnal creature that can be occasionally found either burrowed in existing caves or as buried objects in areas not yet excavated. They are active during the night, roaming the caves available to them. They are unable to cross gaps of any size and cannot jump up or down more than two blocks at a time. They will burrow into the ground if natural ground is available to them. This means that they will not burrow into a floor tile and will instead remain active during the day until finding a naturally-occurring tile, burrowing into it.

Hatches that are excavated as Buried Objects will enter combat with the Duplicant that freed it. However, they are more likely to flee than fight, and if left alone for long enough will forgive any Duplicants that harmed it. If they are active during the day cycle (meaning natural ground is unavailable to them at that time), a Hatch will not initiate any kind of combat with Duplicants that pass it by. If killed, a Hatch yields 2 Meat which will rot if not refrigerated or eaten soon, worth 1,000 calories each.

Occasionally, a Hatch will consume 50.0 kg of some debris available to them, regardless of what it is (with the exception of coal). After some time, as long as they have consumed some form of debris, they will excrete 125.0 kg of coal.

It is favorable to keep Hatches alive in order that they continue to produce coal, a valuable resource that can quickly be depleted if not careful. One method is to prioritize the storage of more valuable resources (algae, slime, copper, etc) and allow the Hatch to pick at whatever resource it wishes that hasn't been stored.

Details Specific Statistics In-Game Description
Primary Element Ooze "This substance is primarily made of Ooze."
Mass 400.0 kg "This substance has a mass of 400.0 kg."
Temperature _____o C "This substance has a temperature of _____o C."
Specific Heat 3.47 (J/g)/K "Specific heat capacity is the amount of energy needed to raise the substance's temperature (by 1o C)."
Thermal Conductivity 0.6 (W/g)/K "Thermal conductivity indicates the maximum rate at which this substance can conduct Heat."
Melting Point 9726.9o C "Melting point describes the temperature at which this substance will melt into a liquid."

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