It is Urine

Sources Edit

  • Naturally occurring  
  • Duplicants produce Polluted Water if they Make a Mess (when left without access to a bathroom)  
  • Duplicants which have the Stress trait Vomit  
  • by machines/structures:  
Building Amount Intake Water Output Pipe
Algae Distiller 400g/s - Yes
Carbon Skimmer 1000g/s -1000g/s Yes
Natural Gas Generator 67.5g/s - No
Petroleum Generator 1250g/s - No
Shower 1000g/s 1000g/s Yes
Sinks ? ? Yes
Lavatory 11 700g per use 5 000 per use Yes
Wash Basin ? Supply of water No

Effects Edit

  • Emits Polluted Oxygen if in contact with pure oxygen or other polluted oxygen  
  • Polluted Water can contaim germs in ADDITION to the pollutant, the germs can cause Disease in Duplicants.  

Removal & Uses Edit

It can be