The Printing Pod is the main structure in any base, the building with the enormous capability to produce new Duplicants every two or three cycles. It shines with a bright light every time new Duplicant DNA blueprints are available to be printed, and gives out a bright sound as it does.

Status Notes In-Game Description
New Duplicants Available "A new colony member is ready to be printed."
Details Specific Statistics In-Game Description
Primary Element Iron Ore "This substance is primarily made of Iron Ore."
Mass 2,000 kg "This substance has a mass of 2,000.0 kg."
Temperature _____o C "This substance has a temperature of _____o C."
Specific Heat Capacity 0.449 (J/g)/K "Specific heat capacity is the amount of energy needed to raise the substance's temperature (by 1o C)."
Thermal Conductivity 4 (W/m)/K "Thermal conductivity indicates the maximum rate at which this substance can conduct Heat."
Melting Point 1,534.9o C "Melting point describes the temperature at which this substance will melt into a liquid."

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